Anker USB cables

Very simple and quick question.

I was using something (Raspberry PI3B+) to install a LCD display (2.4) and been having some issues getting it to install as been getting a low voltage warning using a Anker Power Bank 26,800 (not Power Core +)

Tried a few cables and then the one that came with the power bank and the low voltage warning has gone.

It came with a red cable. The screen needs 3.3a for it to power.

The LCD display seems to install correctly but I am always getting a white screen when finishing the installing. I presume it’s because the cable hasn’t got quite enough power it needs to power it up.

The question is, would this cable

have 5 V on each end?

You cannot get 3.3A from a Powercore 26800. The max per port is 3A.

Correct, a bad cable will lose more voltage than a good cable, just as a longer cable will lose more voltage than a shorter cable.

You need the shortest possible cable. I would not recommend that cable as it’s 3ft and you’d lose voltage in the adapter. I’d go for a very basic short cable, shorter the better.

You’d not likely get 5V, I think Anker tends to give out about 4.4V. You’d not get 3.3A, you might get 3A as it says it does 3A but Anker more often gives out 2.2A to 2.4A. You’re right to start with a 26800 as it has the most power to at least try to get closest to your ideal needs.

So just buy a short cable and good luck.

Let us know which cable worked for your needs :+1: