Anker USB-C Wall Chargers Off to a Strong Start This Year

I track the best selling USB-C power banks and wall chargers at the end of each month. Based on Amazon’s best sellers list. Anker is off to a strong start for the new year. For January 2020 two of their newer power banks made the list. And they dominated USB-C wall chargers, taking four of the top five slots.

I have a detailed break down of both lists here.

Power Banks

#4 - Anker PowerPort Essential 20000 PD. Their high capacity, low output option with a nice price point. Good for charging phones and other small devices for long trips.

#5 - Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD 45W. Anker’s highest outputting power bank, good for small and mid size laptops with USB-C.

Wall Chargers

#1 - Anker PowerPort Speed+ Duo was top ranked among USB-C wall chargers. An oldie, but a goodie charger. Can handle a small laptop and phone at same time. And is USB-IF certified.

#3 - Anker PowerPort III Nano. Anker’s tiny 18W fast charger for iPhone and many Androids. Leveraging GaN tech to shrink as much as possible.

#4 - Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim 4-Ports. A newer product, good for desktop charging with a small or mid size laptop. And several older USB-A using devices.

#5 - Anker PowerPort Atom III 60W. A travel friendly charger with 60W PowerIQ 3.0. Good for laptops as well as fast charging many phones.


Good to see Anker focus on Amazon and customer service is keeping them up there in sales.

The 20000 PD is good value, but it does that through skimping on the electronics for output, it’s 15W output of both ports used, like the 10000 PD Slim, in contrast with 28W 10000 PD

The duo is an excellent general purpose travel charger, I own 3 :blush: , pair with a USBC cable and a 3-in-1 cable and it solves many nerds needs.

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Thanks for sharing this info. Love your site btw!

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Good to see Anker on top. How are you pulling these stats. Are these lists generated by Amazon?

Love the site.


Great info @queuebitt
I’m with @Element321 and would like to know how you compiled this info.
Thanks again for sharing :+1:t2:


@Element321 @paulstevenewing Amazon shows the top 100 best sellers for any category they use on their site. You can usually find a link in a product listing, under Product information. In this case I use “cell phone wall chargers” and “portable cell phone power banks.” Those list most USB chargers, and don’t break down further between USB-A and USB-C. So then I go through the lists and pick out the USB-C models. The top selling in both lists right now are still Anker products. But both are USB-A only chargers. Only recently has any USB-C charger started getting into the top 10 for all USB chargers.

It is enough for a good snapshot of what’s selling recently. I’m sure Amazon and Anker have access to a lot more detailed information.


Cheers @queuebitt I’ll check it out.


Thanks, I thought that might be where you were getting your info. I’ve used that info to pull top 10 deals for articles I’ve written in the past.

Nice post :ok_hand::+1:t2::+1:


Truly deserving of Anker. Well done… :+1:

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