Anker USB-C wall charger battle : a compared review

PowerPort+1 VS. PowerPort C1 VS. PowerPort PD1

1. Elements of design

As you can see, the +1 has a black shiny finish that I find particularly beautiful. The other two ones have a mate white finish which is pleasantly discreet. Obviously, the new PD1 is the smallest one and this smallness is impressive.

As usual with Anker, we have an impression of high-quality finish and solidity.

2. My use for each one

To define the use, we have to note that the +1 can deliver 18W, the C1 delivers 15W and the PD1 30W.

Thus, I use the PowerPort+1 on my bedside table to supply my PowerPort Qi 10W ( PowerPort Qi 10W review — User Anker Instead - Product Reviews - Anker Community ) or as a backstop plan when I need to charge my iPhone faster.

I used to keep the PowerPort C1 in my everyday backpack to charge my iPhone faster, but now that I have the PowerPort PD1, so this last one is now my everyday charger — that I occasionally use to charge my MacBook Pro if I don’t need much power — at school and the C1 stay at my desk.

3. Who should buy what ?

Since the +1 is no more for sale, no problem. If you don’t need to charge any other thing than a phone, the C1 if enough. Else, I recommend the PD1 for all.

4. Facing competitors

The only competitor I could test is the stock charger of the iPad, which delivers 10W. That is very easy : for the same amount of money, you get twice less power.

5. Let’s sum up

To conclude, I recommend all of these chargers, especially the PD1 for his smallness and his impressive output — but I’m still in love with the design of the +1. Whatever, USB-C is such a pleasure for it’s versatility and universality.,-ipad,-samsung-galaxy-s8,-s7,-s6,-nexus-6,-lg,-htc-10,-et-autres/A2012311[gan-technology]/A2017121

And don’t forget : #UseAnkerInstead it #ChargeEverythingFaster . Save the planet, use #OneCharger


Excellent review! I’m interested in charging speed too - a meter would help. Otherwise, great pics and great comparison!


thanks ! I was thinking of measuring more precisely the charging speeds for my future reviews !

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thanks for sharing this!

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thanks for the comparison, and yes future reviews would look great with the use of a meter and charging speeds always help

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Great comparison! :thumbsup: Cool to see the chargers right next to each other to look at each one’s relative size!

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Good foto showing us the measurements.
Thank you. (smile)


Great comparison :+1:

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To save the planet, we need bigger faster multiple output chargers, so only one charger is needed.

At the current one output, you need a charger for all devices, instead of a multi charger for many devices.

This is the get up in the front room, and a charger (wireless stand) in the bedroom.

The Anker charger powers my wireless stand (fast charge for Samsung) and sometimes I do direct USBC/USBC charge for an even quicker top up.
The multi charger is for the Mrs phone (old Moto) and for headphones or whatever .

the silver thing is the pointer for the cat!

I was going to ask, thanks for clarifying :grinning:

Nice review and photos! :ok_hand:


Nice comparison review!!

I like the #onecharger … Literally replaced all my chargers with powerport atom iii

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Nice review

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Nice comparison write up! :clap:

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Nice review well done :clap:

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Great Job - nice comparison

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