Anker USB C to Lightning Cable!

This is amazing this product came to me in just 2 days! I do not know what to say about this cable and I have never had a USB C at lighnight this is the first one, the one on the right is a normal usb cable as you can see it has less than 1 month of use and it is already dirty, I tried to clean it but it it stays that way.The two cables have the same thickness but it is USB C is harder is not so mariable.


Nice. Let us know how it holds up in a few weeks :grin:


Enjoy your new cable man. I can tell you are liking it so far :+1:


The question is, why did you reply to me :joy::joy::joy:

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Damn did I? My bad, I guess I wasn’t paying attention lol
Off topic, just noticed you changed your username, when I received the notification I was like who’s that? Haha

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@Anjou1888 How?!

Yes of course I’m sorry for not answering I did not understand the question very well.:sweat_smile:

Yes but only in part before the problem was if you connect the usb on one side or the other now it is to find which end goes to the phone. I’m not liking the idea of ​​this very rigid cable.

I want to buy bluetooth headphones, what do you think of slim +?

Gonna get a serious power boost off that baby

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I messaged ankeroffical and asked them to change it. I believe they got ankertechnical to change it.

Why would they do it in gray? It shows as white in the website…

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I am wondering that as well.

Charge same…

Care to elaborate?

After placing my order over a month ago, the day Anker first advertised it on the site, I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this cable. And today it happened! Yesterday I checked it was still in CA, today it was here by 1:40 pm EST! So I wrote a small, quick review on the page where it is advertised, but in short, the cable is extremely durable, or at least it feels that way, it is almost as thick as my Powerline +II but much thinner than my C-3.1. 3 ft, I believe, is the optimal length for a C cable i.e 10ft will have slower speeds, so it’s a perfect size. Since it and my iPhone 8 support PD I tried it on three different devices I have with PD Car Charger Portable Charger and Wall Charger and it doesn’t seem to matter which one or if something is plugged into the other ports. If your iPhone had less than 40% fast charging will really kick in and you can watch the percentage go up! So far so good but I’ll post my own review and pics

Mine is white

they are good, I have them, but do you want sound quality? Or just good overall Bluetooth earbuds??

for my load equal …

How much are you willing to spend?