Anker USB C to Lightning Cable Review

Hello fellow Anker fans;

Below is the link to my review on Amazon.


Price: about the same as Apple
Build quality: Thicker than Apple. Much higher quality.
Durability: Can easily outlast the Apple cable

Us a PD charger to get the maximum power throughput.


Nice review, it always helps to add it on amazon for other customers to see

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Nice review on Amazon Smile! Wish these cables came in 6 ft versus 3 ft. There are a couple of cables that i would have already purchased if they were 6 ft… must be a reason for only 3 ft

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Perhaps they are waiting to see how good the cable sells before releasing a longer version

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I’m guessing they’ll probably release a longer cable soon. Cheaper to make a 3’ for testing and then if all is well, go for the longer ones.