Anker USB-C Power Delivery for laptops, etc

I would love to see Anker develop a line of products capable of providing full power delivery to laptops, etc. via USB-C. Wall plug would be good for starters, but long term I would love to see something along the lines of the PowerCore + 26800 that I can hook up to my Dell XPS13 in a pinch when mobile - say in a car, on a plane, etc.

Anyone else that would like to see this?

Yes, definitely. I actually posted a query about this a few weeks ago on the Anker FB page but they never responded.

Note that the new line of Macbook Pros uses USB-C for power, along with the slightly older Macbook first released in 2015 and rereleased with newer CPUs earlier this year. And I recently purchased a Dell Latitude 7370 (essentially the business version of the XPS 13) for my wife which also uses USB C… While Dell does offer a (somewhat expensive) external battery pack, it’s only compatible with Dell’s proprietary power plugs and not USB C.

USB C is capable of providing up to 5A at 20V, giving 100 watts of power. While I wouldn’t expect that much from a battery pack, the max 5V/3A we see from the current battery packs isn’t enough to run a laptop.

They just released one. You can learn more about it here.

The new PD battery only delivers 30W and the wall charger only 27W. If they want to be serious about it they’ve gotta get up into the 45W-60W range.

I can understand the argument for:

  • increasing portable powerbanks recharge speed, because then you can make the most opportunity of recharging in brief access to wall sockets. The new Powercore+ 26800 PD helps in that regard, slightly, via recharging in 4.8hr. The Powercore 26800 recharges in 6 hours via 20W input (two 5V 2A inputs).
  • supporting the maximum Lithium battery which is the 26800 size, but note its 100Wh so the move to a higher Voltage necessarily means a lower mah.
  • multiple ports USB-PD chargers, to merge these to reduce the size of the chargers. Anker has not done anything of note in this area.

What I do not see the argument for:

  • the increasing output performance of portable chargers. You are carrying the portable powerbank with you all the time, PD is more for tablets / laptops so you are sat down with them for long times, so why not just plug in the portable powerbank for longer.

I for one will never pay a premium for faster output, it is just about being obtuse to deliberately let your device go flat and deliberately ignoring that weight in your pack to then be “surprised” by a need to recharge your device and then “need” a faster charge. Instead, just plug in earlier using a lower cost device.

I have a Powercore 26800, cost me $30. It only outputs 2.4A. That’s fine, when I’m sat down for a time I plug mine in. Way cheaper than the $100 higher prices for the faster chargers.

can Anker PD 45 watt charger, able to charge the DELL latitude E7390 laptops?