Anker USB-C Magnetic Charger for MacBook

With the rise of USB-C, the new MacBooks have lost a key feature that helped paved the way for Apple as far as charger technology - MagSafe.

Interestingly enough, Apple has decided to deprecate the innovative charger technology that really had no competition on the market. Just to highlight the biggest selling points; MagSafe was magnet based, it helped prevent accidental drops by detaching from the MacBook body upon mild force, as well as making it extremely easy to plug in the charger since the charger basically attached on its own when near the charging port with minimal effort.

USB-C, unfortunately, doesn’t share many of these features. Strategically, to minimize the amount of ports on the Apple MacBooks, Apple has decided to take away MagSafe.

Technology accessory company, Griffin, has taken advantage of this opportunity by releasing their own version of a magnetic USB-C charging cable. Check it out here.

It would be awesome to see Anker build their own version of a magnetic USB-C cable geared around the MacBook. Strategically, being in the industry of charging and power, this would provide the ability to cross-sell Battery Power Banks and Wall Chargers.

I’d love to see Anker build this, especially with the piece-of-mind with Anker’s world-class customer service!

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There are some others but I would also love to see one from Anker due to their amazing customer support and top notch quality.

Yes a version that supported the wattage of the Macbook Pro would be awesome!

I agree completely. For me, the decision is between MagSafe with the previous generation or the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar is new, but MagSafe is one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever seen implemented correctly by any company ever. It works great, is reliable, and a huge selling point for Macs. I do like the touch bar, I do also like being able to charge from either side of a computer, but not at the expense of busting my laptop every time a kid or dog trips the cable. Even if a kid/pet/spouse don’t trip the cable, the MagSafe splits off when stress is applied which saves the port stress damage over time. I (my wife) has so many items where charging now has to be inverted, flipped, propped against a wall with a specific cable in order to take a charge because the micro/mini usb was wrapped or otherwise stressing the port. MagSafe was the future, it was supposed to spread out to other devices from Apple and others. Not disappear.

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I am waiting for the dust to settle on Znapps. They still seem like their going to fold before they ever ship a dang thing. Anker could likely do it better anyways.

Interestingly enough, Apple has a patent for the magnetic charging technology found in the MacBooks that’s why you won’t see other notebooks with similar charging protocols. It’ll be a shame to see it disappear, I plan to ride out the MagSafe 2 train for as long as my MacBook lasts. :slight_smile:

I too deeply miss MagSafe. MagSafe is one huge reason I decided to give my daughter my 2014 3.0Ghz 13" Macbook Pro instead of buying her what I’m typing on now, which is the 2016 MacBook Pro w/o touchbar.

I’m thinking of risking only one charger until Anker gets their 60W charger back in stock and/or develops a magnetic USB-C cable that can charge at full speed.