Anker USB C Hub 8 in 1 and Sleep Mode

I have an Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand 8 in 1. If I have the device plugged into the laptop, the laptop will not enter sleep. I have tested both with power going through the hub as well as going directly into the hub. Either way, when I shut the lid, or directly tell Windows to Sleep, fans keep spinning, the laptop does not power down. I have gone into device manager and checked the USB Root Hub that it is set to “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.” It is set.

Further, if I leave the laptop shut with the hub in for some time (exact time not yet determined) and open the lid again, the screen will not go back on. The laptop is not in Sleep as regular power draw has kept the fans on. Further, I can only get functionality back after hard resetting the device.

I would expect to be able to enter sleep with the USB hub. What setting or configuration am I missing?

Thank you.

I am assuming your laptop is running windows 10? If so this is an inherent feature of windows 10 to always have power going to usb, even when put in sleep mode a small amount of power is sent to it. The only way to prevent this and allow your computer to “sleep” properly is to enable hibernate mode on your laptop and use that instead of sleep mode.

Now most laptops do not have hibernate mode enabled by default, so it requires you to go into the power options on the control panel and enable it directly and then save the settings.

Go to the Power Options section of Control Panel. From the left column select Choose what the power buttons do .>
Next, if options are grayed out, select Change settings that are currently unavailable . >

Scroll down and check the Hibernate box, and after that make sure to save your settings. Now when you open the Start menu and select the Power button, the Hibernate option will be available.

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