Anker USB-C Dock, Batteries, and More On Sale from $10!

Premium USB-C Mini Dock ($63)
PowerPort 5 (20)
PowerCore Speed 10000 (30)
Upgraded PowerCore Speed 20000 (42)
Ultra Portable Pocket Size Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (17)
PowerLine+ Type C Cable (10)
SoundCore (30)

All deals are valid starting now and do not require any deal codes!


anker has so many type C cable, i don’t even know which one can charge mbp at 60W

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That would be this one.

Anker PowerLine II USB-C to USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable (3ft) with Power Delivery , for Galaxy S8, S8+, Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Huawei Matebook, Nintendo Switch, MacBook and More

thanks, but is there a braided version for this one? I have bad experience with this type of cover

None that I’m currently aware of.

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i’m waiting for such cable as well for my gf mbp (also a 60w charger would be nice

60W charger should be coming soon.

Are you sure you’ve tried the type of cable I linked you to? It is Anker’s PowerLine II Dura Series, an upgrade from the PowerLine series. They have tweaked the materials.

the dura is very good on the US because of its lifetime warranty. Warranty does not mean so much to me if I ship the item to Vietnam myself. I will wait until the product is distributed officially in Vietnam though as I also want to try the new material from Anker.

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If you email they may be able to tell you if/when the Dura cables are coming to Vietnam.

Thanks. I know the distributor in Vietnam though. He has a page made specifically to communicate with Anker community in Vietnam. He said some of the new products on amazon is actually experiment products and Anker does not allow him to order it (and he also don’t want to order it as he want to avoid as much warranty claim as possible). Anyway, if the Dura line come to Vietnam it will have 15 months warranty as the rest of the products distributed in Vietnam.

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