Anker USB-C charger highlighted as One of the best USB-C PD chargers of 2019 - CNET

The best USB-C PD chargers of 2019

Need to charge your phone? Wireless headphones? Laptops? These chargers can do it all.

Best dual USB-C PD charger

Anker 60W PowerPort Atom PD 2

If you don’t need the legacy USB-A charging port, this Anker is a good choice. It does split its wattage output, so charging 2 laptops would slow things down considerably. But when I charged an iPhone and MacBook Air simultaneously, it still got them both to 90% and 80%, respectively, after 90 minutes.

Reference : CNET


From CNET: “In our tests (see below), the Anker and RAVPower models performed very closely to one another. But the reason the final list skews almost totally to RAVPower is because that company is just killing it in the value arena: In nearly every head-to-head match-up, the RAVPower charger beats its equivalent Anker model on price. But, if you see an Anker model on sale, it’s certainly worth scooping up.”

@AnkerOfficial compete with them and not let them take the headlines :wink:

“Slowly but surely, the entire electronics industry is moving over to USB-C as a common standard for data and power.”

USB-C everything, please.

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Review: Anker Vs RAVPower (Quality) - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community :blush:

Yes, RAVPower products generally are more affordable, but Anker products usually have better components.

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Without a doubt. I personally Like the Atom PD 2 with it’s 60W capability in one port