Anker Unavailable on Amazon

At least as of a few days ago, every Anker product on Amazon is marked as Currently Unavailable, as if the products were intentionally discontinued. Is anyone else having the same issue, or do we have to buy all our Anker products through their own store now?




HOLY CRAP!!! Same here - that’s insane! This was definitely not there more than a day ago. I can’t believe nobody else has noticed, including me! Thanks so much for sharing! I’d like to see if it’s the same way in other countries.



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I know; I think I’m going to call their support team about it. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

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well I guess I can now use their website coupons now, whats the big deal that this is happening?

I just purchased $100 of Amazon gift cards with the intention of using them for Anker products in the next week. Also, there’s no information about this anywhere on the website or forum, so it might be an unintentional error of some kind. Either way, letting them know can’t be a bad thing, right?

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yeah I guess your right, I prefer buying from the manufacturer too because of the guaranteed quality. I am very curious to why you buy Amazon gift cards in order to purchase Anker products? wouldn’t it save time to just buy them using a credit card, debit card or PayPal?

Guys their entire Amazon store is gone, type in Anker and 90% of their products are deemed unavailable! @Tijimonster @joshuad11 @nigelhealy @ndalby @bobbleheaderman

90%? Is there any product that you can still buy?

yes, only a few cables, few charger wall chargers and few batteries. the rest say buy from third party. What is happening?!? Please don tell me they are going out of business.

Link me to products you can buy please.

@Tijimonster @joshuad11 @nigelhealy @bobbleheaderman Its done, they took down their amazon store. If you type in anker, then hit brand anker, then amazon prime… its all… gone. Words cannot describe the feeling, are they going out of buisness?

Did you call them?

ok, but theres not many

Last one far as I can tell

No, I did not call them

Ah, and Anker Direct is not the seller.

Well, that’s what happens when they do too many giveaways…

Yes every anker product is unavailable on Amazon since 2 to 3 hours, before that everything was available as I was searching for different lightening cables, I have sent them email But there is no response yet.


Now anker products are back on Amazon