Anker Umbrella

Not sure if this belongs under this Section. How about Umbrella’s either for your patio (a big one) or for you during rain, that had LED lights under the umbrella, a solar panel to charge the battery and a Bluetooth speaker built in to play music.

Fun product, probably more suited for the patio application with the speaker and the party atmosphere.

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this would be cool, seems like a very specialized product line though. maybe more for Eufy?

Good idea - what about some USB sockets around table height? Battery in the post away from heat (heat ages batteries).

So add it up:

  • upper surface is Solar for daytime collection of power.
  • a tilt+turn motor which angles solar to the sun and also means its shaded area is the biggest
  • a sensor so it responds to people present?
  • rain sensor that does “something” (turns power off???)
  • In region of 10Ah-20Ah of battery built into the post
  • a few USB sockets
  • a few pull down plates for wireless charging.
  • lower surface is LED lights for nighttime.
  • option to make heat??? (power hungry but if say you plugged in mains cord its a feature?

Main concern is the COST.

There is a habit in certain parts of the world like beach bars to throw big solar panels (if not bothered by weight its lower cost) on the roof of the bar and dangle cables down to the bar - saves a need to run mains power out to the beach - and then let customers charge sat at the bar - keeps them at the bar longer.


I like your add-on’s nigel!

Would you like it to make tea and coffee too :grin:

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That’s the definition of a useless product with a small market.

I really like the idea of this. It is kind of different that what current Anker products are about, or more of their usage range. Maybe as Anker grows they could add this to their Eufy collection. There definitely is not a big enough market for this though.

Nah it could make martinis?

(shaken, not stirred)