Anker Ultra Slim Keyboard wont start pairing.

I have an Anker Ultra Slim keyboard(Model A7726) from about 2 or 3 years ago it hasn’t been working for about 2 years(I stopped using it and now I found it again). When I turn it on, the light indicator turns blue for a few seconds. To start pairing, your supposed to click Fn and then Z and It should start blinking. When I do this nothing happens. I’ve tried resetting it and it doesn’t help.

Please try to charge the keyboard for 3 hours and test it again. If it still does not work, the keyboard is faulty.

The model is A7726 which means it’s with batteries, not charging and I’ve tried changing the batteries.

Thanks for your reply. From the circumstances you’ve described, I’m sorry to say that on this occasion it appears your keyboard is faulty and I would like to present our deepest apologies for all the inconvenience caused by this item.

Please be assured that we always stand behind our products, providing 18-months warranty that covers any quality or manufacturing related issue, but I regret to inform you that your order has expired our limited warranty.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope you understand.

Ok, thank you for trying to help