Anker UK wall charger for around £5 using discount codes amazon or other

Is it possible to pick up any (old model) Anker UK wall charger for around £5 using discount codes amazon or perhaps eBay or am I being too much of a cheapskate looking for a spare charger for very rare use?!

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Sale: £8.99

If you wait eventually there’s a further discount.

There have been UK lightning deals in March on this and similar products


I’ve got one of these :ok_hand:
Worth the £8.99 any day.

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That was my very first Anker plug and possibly the product that started my obsession with the brand :smirk:

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Got one of these too - highly recommend.

Although I’d spend a bit more to get the 4 USB variant :yum:

Huh? It is USB…

Up to 55% OFF…nice bargain!:grinning:

8.99/19.99 = 0.44872.

So yes, relative to the list price you selected it is 55% off, but that list price is your own invention.

However, to the two points raised, I also own that Powerport 2 UK port, it is good, it suffers from a travel perspective from the problem that UK sockets are huge. So I rarely move it, I tend to keep within UK. I move with USA products and attach a plug adapter. Smaller in total volume and weight.

I have a number of people spending weeks traveling and that UK Powerport 2 will be moving around a fair bit to non-geeks to keep phones, iPads, iPod, etc charged.

I found this wee gem too which has a euro swappy bit and is a tad cheaper

I meant 4 USB variant lol

I may have to change that so I don’t look completely stupid :joy:

Only 1 port, only 12W. You save 2 quid for halving ports and Wattage.