Anker to launch a new business platform at the 5-Year Anniversary Event

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA — September 21, 2016 — We will be launching our new business platform this Friday at the 5-year anniversary event in San Francisco, CA.

Arthur Gao, Vice President of Anker, said that this next step will change the company’s business by increasing the user base and improving communication with users. “All Anker products are born from our customer insights and suggestions. That’s why we want to make this announcement at our event because our most loyal fans and partners will be there,” said Mr. Gao, “We want them to be the first to know. We wouldn’t be here without them.”

We have shown to take customer feedback seriously in the past with the development of the kevlar-coated Powerline+ cable and the SoundCore XL bluetooth speaker. Most recently, We have launched our Smart Home Technology brand Eufy after numerous requests from users for smart appliances.

Anker has acquired 20M users worldwide in only 5 years in the industry and we will be celebrating with fans this Friday September 23rd by hosting our first offline event in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Tech media and key opinion leaders like Jonathan Morrison, one of Youtube’s most influential tech reviewers, will be attending the event.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Look forward to the anniversary event!

I would love to join Anker’s party and meet everyone.

Sounds interesting!

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Shame it’s on the other side of the world, hope those lucky enough to go and post a few highlights on the forum

Whats this new platform?

Great News Anker!!!

Congratulations ANKER!! - I have been a customer and Anker follower for 4 of those years.

Always good to hear how Anker are a customer driven company! Look forward to more fantastic products!

How did the event go? It’s been a week and still no update on what the news are?

Hi All,

We wanted to share with everyone some of the photos of Anker’s first offline event which took place in San Francisco, CA.

We had a total of 84 guests, including our Anker colleagues from Seattle and Shenzhen office.

It was a great experience because we got to meet our Anker fans, influencers, and PU’s face to face.

At this event, Arthur was our main speaker. He presented Anker’s biggest achievements to our guests and also introduced Eufy!

Our guests had fun with the Anker swing which used only the Powerline+!

Thank you all for your big support making this event happen!


That’s awesome… I like the PowerLine+ swing! :laughing:

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Looks like everyone had a great time. Has the swing survived till the end?

I am happy and excited to be part :heart_eyes:

Of course!:sunglasses:

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Well congratulations. I hope this is the beginning of many anniversaries to come.

this is a great start, i love how they keep improving and keep good quality

how did you guys comment months ago, I thought that this forum just launched TODAY (Nov. 3). Please fill me in, if you will

Looks like fun. Wish i was there

I have been using products Anker two years, and I’m glad I discovered.