Anker T-shirt

Look what I found in the wardrobe today, blast from the past. Anyone else still got one?


I still rock every once in a while :+1:

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yup still wear it around. That reminds me, I wonder if I think it was the water bottle idea will ever be followed through on (there is a chance it wasn’t a water bottle I don’t fully remember)

I gave mine to my son.
I am sure he uses it, as he likes t-shirts.
Now we are waiting for a cap.
I would use and like this, but…


Didn’t even see anything about a cap, gutted

Did you get a Soundcore shirt?

Given the timespan and community changes (new staff) I would think that one has likely gone down the drink (bad pun?)…


I’m totally jealous! I got a Soundcore shirt but it’s one of those athletic-type shirts that’s unflattering on a curvy gal like myself :grimacing: It’s been so lonely on these communities!

No missed another one there😔

Honestly I like Anker’s better lol

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The Anker shirt actually fits me unlike the extra extra large from Soundcore

Lol I got an XXL shirt from Soundcore as well. I’m guessing that’s the only size they ordered

Can be used as a nightgown! :laughing:

Lol that would be a good use for it haha

Pretty much the only thing it can be other wise it’s too baggy but then again can’t complain about gifts