Anker T shirt

Look in your mail boxes as I received this yesterday. Large fits nicely. Thanks @AnkerOfficial


Ya lucky bugger.

Well done, and I think you maybe the first.


Yeah nothing here


Same here…perhaps Monday…


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I would have wornine to the zoo on Monday, but I doubt it’ll be here before I leave.

You lot are lucky

How can I get my hands on one of these?

Just need to hit level 7 :wink:

Wait I thought it was a one time thing. Like the next wave of gifts would be when Anker wants

A nighting gown, perhaps.:rofl:

I’m ok, I still have hair, so not needing a cap indoors!

Can we combine these 2 chats… Same subject n getting confusing what you say on which page!

I agree. @AnkerOfficial’s thread should get merged with this one, since this one was first…

I agree too…
@AnkerOfficial @ndalby please merge these 2 threads, really confusing all the time… I don’t care which get merged into…

Will go through shortly and merge over non duplicate posts to the official thread…to keep them all in the same pot :slight_smile:


Great, thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Thanks @ndalby Glad someone thought of this, was getting confused reading between the posts