Anker T-Shirt Design

Note I DO NOT own the Anker logo and the ideas shown will NOT that were created will be used for profit, these are simply ideas for the people of Anker to use for future designs for products. Anker has full rights to the images shown*

This is just a t-shirt design that I would personally buy if available on Anker’s website. Just want to get the ball rolling because I really want one of these made by Anker! @AnkerOfficial hope you like it!


And… I put Anger, Meant to say Anker :joy:

Looks nice!

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:thumbsup: I like it!

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Looks good, maybe @AnkerOfficial should run a Tee design contest, with the winners design being made…or just for the fun of it with the winner getting a points / bucks award :wink:


Why not a free shirt?!?! :blush:


I’m game, all for a free t-shirt and it some points

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Cool design!!

You know you can go back and edit it, right? :joy:

You are right, maybe we can run a Tee design contest hahaha, is it difficult for you guys to attend?:grinning:


That’s their “old” logo :upside_down: haha

Very cool design, just use new logo and I would definitely buy one if Anker starts selling them :wink:
Anker blue is a great colour too…

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That would be great!

If you run it they will come, let’s make it happen

ohh yeah some Anker merch.:sunglasses:

Cool, let’s make this happen!


make this happen immediately. now, pronto

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jajajajajajaja muy pronto a ser posible. Me gusta por el toque español

@AnkerOfficial Do it please!!!