Anker Surveillance Camera

Any chance Anker can add surveillance cameras to their product line? Their experience in cables, waterproofing and technology can help them design an excellent outdoor camera system. Who else would be interested?

I agree - i think with Anker’s quality products they should look into the camera market. I’d love to see a product line for cameras. I’m always looking for some better home monitoring / home cameras.

Was thinking the same thing. I’ve been searching for a home security solution and not happy with anything I’ve seen thus far.

Anker did have an WiFi Camera back in the day, however it didn’t really do well and wasn’t that great. Check it out here. If Anker was to venture back into that territory I believe it would be under their new subsidiary Eufy Life.


I’m in the market for a good surveillance camera to watch over my garage. My wish list is

  1. Save to local storage.
  2. Excellent night vision
  3. Mobile Alerts of movement (app/text/email based)
  4. Non subscription

I didn’t think this was too much to ask for, but really struggling to find a solution that isn’t a DIY project.

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That would be amazing, something designed like a nest outdoor cam but more affordable would definitely be the right fit for the market.

+1 for a camera, has to have ONVIF compatibility though so I can hook it up to my NAS.

I have seen a couple of other companies try to “expand” into cameras - netgear and D-Link for example. It turns out that it is a pretty hard problem to get right, and requires lots of user interface optimization and customer support. Not saying Anker couldn’t do it well, but it would definitely by outside of their core skills; it is small electronics, but I think it is a very different problem than batteries / speakers / cables.

Yes, wireless, waterproof, app driven, with excellent day and night vision -NO cloud storage. Totally self monitored, and the ability to add ~8 cameras.

Most certainly agree that this would be an interesting element of the product line, just another thing for Anker to perfect!

I totally agree. I’d love to have some sort of Nest alternative.

Would certainly be down for a wired or wireless HD CCTV camera with Anker’s build quality. As long as they could be integrated into a NAS software package for a decent amount of footage retention.

This would be really cool. Depending on the price, I would be super interested

@Arwen, not to detract from the Anker forum, but I bought the netatmo welcome in that basis. Encrypted storage to microsd on the device, can configure FTP or Dropbox storage, mine is set to FTP to my NAS, and my NAS watches the folder and pushes it up to Amazon drive.
It learns faces so mine is set to record when the children first get home in the evening and any unknown faces. Night vision is fine.

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This would be a perfect element/niche for them to try attach onto, I’d quite like to see a wireless one but I like the idea of 24/7 camera streams rather than those for motion for security purposes.

I have this camera and while it’s not waterproof or perfect, Anker has improved it’s functionality over the year plus that I have owned it. Cloud Storage, no subscription, personal motion detection zones, and decent night vision.

I think you’re right that Eufy would take this on… it would go well with the Starlight Heart Wreaths they are selling.

This would be pretty cool. Particularly if it was powered by a microUSB port. It would be great to power it with the standard USB plug and cable (cheaper than POE, and more universal/convenient than the typical power cables people run now) and on top of that I could see it being very useful to power it with a PowerCore to make it ultra portable.

I’m sure Anker coudl even figure out a way to get a nice powerful battery in there to make it even better. Definitely a great idea @majunee I’ll be keeping an eye out for Anker’s reply here.

Hahaha! You saw the Wreaths too? I was like, this is not the direction I was expecting them to go, but cool I guess.

EDIT: Turns out its not a wreath, its actually just string lights that for some reason they are displaying as a coiled heart…so there is that.

Agreed, everything I find, the cameras a horrible at night

How about Trail Cams too for Bear hunts in Alaska?