Anker Support

I emailed anker support a couple days ago. Havent heard any thing. Need my lighting cord replaced thanks.

Should get a reply in a week or a few days. You just have to wait it out

@AnkerOfficial any chance you can help this person out by talkng to your people :wink:

They are usually pretty good at answering emails. Just give them a bit longer.

Is it working days? or normal days. People could have a weekend off, I think. Anker is responsive, so stay tuned.

At busy period (such as with giveaways etc) email response times can take a hit on average though you can expect a response within 2 days or so, depending on the details you have provided to them. The hours of operation are normally;

HOURS OF OPERATION: (Please figure response time accordingly)

Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm (PT)
Saturday & Sunday: We will try our best!

So weekend are often out…


I’m sure they are pretty busy with the Black Friday coming soon. Maybe that’s the reason?

No support is not marketing.

From a non moderator…Just give it a little more time. My experience has been all positive with Anker customer service.

They have always had the best for me when I have contacted them. Just wait for a reply.