Anker "Studio" Mic?

What if Anker made a studio type mic such as the Blue Yeti or Snowball? Would you buy it? Do you think Anker would make a good mic?

Personally, I’d just have to hear it to decide. Mics wholly depend on sound (obviously).

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It could possible make a good mic. The only experience they have with sound is speakers though. Is there anything special you would like to see in an Anker mic?

Definitely something plug-and-play. Something with settings for the pickup patterns. Maybe a nice light up Anker logo on the body? Also, pop filters and shock mounts for add-ons.

That would be pretty cool. I would like to see that!

I would need to wait to see the opinions of the industry as to whether it was actually any good. I believe mics are quite a specialist piece of kit. Don’t know if there is a big enough market for Anker to ever consider it tbh.