Anker Store Credit Giveaway

I was going to post this in the giveaway suggestions post, but couldn’t find it.

Anyways, I think it would be really cool if Anker did a giveaway where they gave away a few $500 gift cards for the Anker store! Who else thinks this would be awesome! I know that Anker bucks may offer a similar idea, but let me know your thoughts on this idea! Thank you and have a nice day!

$500… really? That is an absurd amount in my opinion.

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I was thinking…

But seriously, using discounts on specific products is partly about shifting over-stocked items, partly to get a bit of fun going on to make the brand more widely known. It cannot ever be a significant quantity as its a business to make profits.

That 300 Elite giveaway is costing Anker (estimated) $2400. The member giveaway costing say $250. Anker’s turnover is $378M

I’d expect that no more than 1% of revenue would be associated with using social media to garner interest, so about $4M, of which they spend (counting names) about 10 people on social media which would be about $1M, funding specific events would be about $1M so likely only $2M to be spent on discounts and promotions. As a median of $20/item that is 100,000 items/pa or 280 items per day. That tallies with the order of scale of offers, how fast and many sell, e.g. 280 is not far off the 300 Elite giveaway.

Pure guesswork from typical commercial operations.


Within the budget of the community, we will try to give you as many benefits as we can!:yum:


Would it include flights from the UK to the nearest Anker store :grin::airplane::sun_with_face::tropical_drink::statue_of_liberty:

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Well Walmart owns Asda so you need a flight to Asda?

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