Anker & Steelcase partnership

Just came across this on Facebook. It looks like the partnership is a go.


I just saw this too!! I’m really looking forward to it!! I think it could be a game changer…

We knew this from their onboarding event. But at least now we know more about it. :+1:

thanks for sharing, this is nice bit of information!

So it’s like the PowerHouse? Interesting. The way it sits on the base for charging, reminds me of a tea kettle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks a neat product but not sure exactly where it fits in.
Maybe independents or trendy marketing type businesses.

Tablets will give you a good working day and a reasonable laptop will give 5-6hrs of use.
If you are having a “lunch meeting” or “creativity session” and your device battery wont cover that, you probably need to replace the battery.

From my own observations working in the UK with corporates and the NHS, for power outages, their priority is generally server side.
NHS sometimes provision for fixed users but by way of linking a bank of desks to an online UPS which is a cost effective way of keeping users running for 3-4 hours.

These were on display at Anker onboard event, the target demo are startups and shared working spaces, which don’t always have enough outlets to satisfy the number of people who need to power their laptops. More demand from workers wanting to work in a remote quiet space etc.

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Looks interesting, though when I first saw this…

I was having visions of coffee flasks on the tea trolley :laughing:…that reminds me time for :coffee:


you are right. those trolleys don’t help!
biscuit time!

I think it looks like a weird medieval smart lantern…

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Nice, yeah they look lanterns in dark drained battery days and you have to stay connected !!
Anker is working with several brands it seems to spread the brand!