Anker stakes another claim to fame

Anker stakes another claim to fame with their Nebula Capsule, outperforming and wining out over other projectors. According to The Verge Ankers Nebula Capsule is the best Pico projector available. While each projector had its pluses and minuses, they were seemingly negligible compared to the others.
The biggest gripe seems to be, as with everything chargeable now, is that it doesn’t utilize USB-C to charge. Another issue is seemingly the brightness, but given its size and compactness it’s to be expected.

So, tell us what you think, does the Capsule win out on your choice of projectors? Why, or why not? Let us know in the comments below.


@elmo41683 Thanks for sharing that. I must say that out of all the projectors she had, I like the look of the Nebula the best. I can’t believe how small and compact the projectors are nowadays. I remember seeing some projectors at Brookstone and was not impressed with the sound nor quality. And forget about the design, they were fugly (fat & ugly) :stuck_out_tongue: .