Anker ssd microsd and external hdd

Hi, its me again.

i would like to suggest SSD,MicroSD and External HDD.

Thank you.

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Hi @BrielleDC In my opinion this market is already tapped on the memory front. Samsung, SanDisk, Seagate, Crucial, Kingston to name a few have a very strong lead. Kinda hard to go into a market where the cost is getting very low for the amount of memory a consumer gets.

@dicejedi damned direct reply button isn’t working again.

To add to your point I’m pretty sure Samsung is the primary manufacturer of SD cards and therefore SSD’s.

Samsung manufactures and sells memory cards that passed the highest quality checks then sells the rest of the cards that didn’t make their quality standards to third-party companies to be rebranded.

That’s one of the reasons Huawei phones are cheaper they use the processors and memory that the manufacturer’s rejected.

Samsung, SanDisk!
I dont use no others.

I think Samsung is top dog. All (okay not all but 90% :grin: ) of my electronics are either Anker SoundCore(I guess we’re capitalizing the C now? :man_shrugging: ) or Samsung.

Yes Samsung is the best among the others. but if Anker can make a Good quality YET affordable price i guess it will be the best option.

Soundcore dropped the calitized C, so it’s just Soundcore now

Maybe someday but we’re talkin about a billion dollar investment to build the factory before the first memory card is sold.

I thought it was always Soundcore and they just started capitalizing the C. Now you got me second-guessing myself @Chiquinho isn’t that what you said a few days ago?

Lawrence posted about this on the Soundcore site

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