Anker Spring 2021 Conference - Nano II, Nebula, others

You can see the new Nano II up close, get a better sense of size and the folding or non-folding pins, and other products

This is a long up close view of current / new Soundcore, it’s good if you want to get a feel of “in the hand” size , differences. As in Japanese the specs discussion is beyond most of us.


Wow really great find seems like some interesting products to come! I really hope they do more of these things to come time line type things they are really appreciated. So excited to see what comes

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Would be great if they announced here…


I wonder if the video shows the Liberty 2 pro again for the updated version?

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Pretty cool share. Guess the Anker community is an afterthought now lol

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Well the A2 NC is existing, so I think the L2P is existing. The only new is the P3 and Neo 2 I think.

No real specs here but is good to get a sense of size , differences in shape. Unique opportunity for the cameraman to feel the different products. He’s very friendly, keeps saying “hi”.

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Definitely some interesting products for sure