Anker Spirit X volume quality deteriorated

I am using anker spirit x ear buds.
First, I am not pleased with the volume. When I bought it, it wasn’t loud enough. The volume, even though it’s on full, wasn’t that good.
Now it’s got worse.
I tried washing it with water (because dust, sand etc went in) then used the hair dryer. But it’s no use.
Last time I even took a shower with it, and used the hair dryer and it worked fine. It’s not going back to when I first bought it.

All quality-related defects on items sold directly by Soundcore or Soundcore’s authorized resellers are covered by an 18-month warranty, starting from the date of purchase.

So please contact Soundcore Support team via, we will arrange a replacement for you.:innocent:

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Did u ensure the device volume was also all the way up? They are controlled seperately from you phone as well so you end up with 2 volumes in reality. I only ask because mine is plenty loud.

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I’ve always wondered why the volume was so low. Thanks it works now. Didn’t know this trick!

Got the problem solved. The volume on the earbuds wasn’t all the way up. By the way great product.

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