Anker Spirit X right earbud not working

I’ve been happy with my Anker Soundcore Spirit X for almost a year now. It is very robust and the quality is awesome. However, recently after charging it with an anker powerbank with an Anker cable (I think it’s my Anker Ace 0 cable), the right ear suddenly stopped working. I was pretty sure I didn’t jerk the earphones from my bag. Left ear works perfectly. I am hoping it’s not loose wiring on the earphones. Any suggestions? The thing is my cousin bought this from Amazon in the US and sent it to me here in the Philippines as a gift and the Anker stores in my country does not have the Spirit X yet. I would love to claim the warranty but I don’t think I’ll be able to. Please help

Diagnosis from far away are difficult.
But I know these ear buds are wired so I suppose there is a issue of the cable.
Have you tried to put the aux in another device?

It does not have an aux function, Bluetooth only