Anker Soundcore will not play with AUX cable via Ipod Shuffle

I have had the soundcore for about four months, until now I can’t get soundcore to play the ipod shuffle. I also paired it to my android phone, no problem and bluetoothed via my all in one Dell Inspiron, no problem.

However, I am having problems; I have unpaired it from both my devices. However, I can’t get the MP3 player to work. Help!? By the way, Yes, I have checkout the cable (several cables).

Please help me.

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your SoundCore. Have you checked for dust in the headphone jack? Since you’ve already tried multiple cables, perhaps it’s time to contact Anker at . Since it is the weekend, give them a day or so to respond. Their support is top notch. Hopefully, they can better troubleshoot with you or even exchange it out for you. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hi @lutherfoust,
Here are a few things to try:

  • Power on the SoundCore first, then connect the Aux cable and your iPod Shuffle so the SoundCore detects it and switches mode.
  • Does your iPod Shuffle work with normal headphones? We would want to make sure the iPod’s headphone jack is still working correctly.
  • Is the volume turned up on the iPod Shuffle? You may need to set it higher than you do with headphones. You’ll also want to try adjusting the volume on your SoundCore as well to make sure it is high enough.

If all else fails, feel free to contact as @Nhi suggested! Thanks!

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ankers web page is huge

I used the AUX cable to listen via my android phone no problems. Plus I have two different cables. I can’t get the mp3 player to work

yes, my ipod shuffle works with normal headphones.

the volume is turned up

i tried to power on the soundcore first no dice :joy:

does the 3.5mm jack cable work with the ipod on different speakers?

wait is the shuffle the one without the buttons?

@Nhi @TechnicallyWell Thank you so much for the reply, really appreciate it! @lutherfoust Sorry to know you are having issue with the speaker. May I trouble you to let us know if the pairing issue with your iPod shuffle happened when you first received the speaker? If it happens recently, it may be the problem of the speaker. Could you please contact us via We will help you with the exchange ASAP.

the device pair with my phone and computer, no problem. However, it doesn’t connect via the AUX cable. The cable is good; I hooked up my phone with the cable and speaker…no problems.

The problem is with the speaker. MP3 is the one with the buttons. It is a 4th generation ipod shuffle.