Anker Soundcore Sport XL not charging

I thought this was a great portable speaker but it’s no longer charging.

We need some more information.
But you should try to use another cable and/or another charger first.
if this doesn’t help, try a reset.

i have tried a few diff cables.

no information on the instructions about reset how do i do that thanks

tried holding power button and plus and minus simultaneously, but the unit keeps powering off in seconds.

I don’t have this model.

Try this:

Do a soft reset : Pressing the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
Hard reset : Pressing the power button and the bass up.

But if there is no “bass up” it should be another button.
I am sure there are other forumners here who give you the right answer.

ah…tried all of the above :slight_smile: thanks thought Chiquinho, very kind

@g_gray Is the charging port free from lint and dirt? Also which charger are you using to charge?

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