Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Charging Case

Hi Everyone,

I have been charging my case for 2 hours and the lights keeps blinking

Most devices will stop blinking when it is fully charged.

I read that it takes only 2 hours to fully charged the case. so I wonder if there is any indication if the case is fully charged.

Thank you

If you see 3 dots and the 3rd on blinking then it is anywhere from 70 to 100 percent.

I think charge time may be affected by cable and plug in as well. So that time may vary.

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Thank you Duane. But all 3 dots are blinking. I assume it is 100% charged?

Try another cable, another charger and make sure all pins are perfectly clean.
Steady means charged, not blinking.:smiley:

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Thank you Chiquinho :slight_smile: