Anker Soundcore Spirit X: Bluetooth disconnect after approx. 5 minutes using Microsoft Teams

My Anker Soundcore Spirit X bluetooth headphones disconnect on a regular basis while I am connected to my Notebook and inside a Microsoft Teams call. This happens approx. after 5 minutes being inside the call.
This never happens while using YouTube, phone etc. only while using Microsoft Teams.

I disabled bluetooth, removed the device, resetted the headphones multiple times as described in FAQ here but no success.

Is this a common problem? What is the solution?

There is a 5 page thread (no solution is offered) on the Microsoft website where users complain about similar behavior:

Chalk it up to a Windows problem as noted many other users experience the same issue with any Bluetooth device

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Look for ideas here, if anything works, or you find a fix then let us know.

In the short term, connect to Teams for audio on a better OS like Android, and only use PC for keyboard screen. So connect twice on two devices, pending Microsoft doing a better job.

Thanks for your Input Tank and Professor.

I did a bit of research on this topic and found out that my Teams default selected Speaker “Headset (Soundcore Spirit X Hands-Free AG Audio)” is causing trouble in general for some Teams users. Furthermore, it seems to be an old standard and produces only mono quality sound windows 10 - What's the difference between stereo and hands free? - Super User


Since I always use my Notebook microphone anyway, I switched the speaker to “Headphones (Soundcore Spirit X Stereo)”.

Furthermore, I updated my Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver via Intel Driver Support Assistant to (22.01.2021)

The release notes of include a very promising fix: Discontinuity of audio during a Teams call can occur on some devices.

It seems that Microsoft Update Service was unable to find the current version of the driver and left me with a completely outdated version from 2020 (!). Good job, Microsoft :slight_smile:

I will monitor the behaviour next week and in case it improves, I will let you know.