Anker Soundcore Spirit discharges when not in use

I just bought a Soundcore Spirit. It seems to charge alright (indicator light goes blue and when I connect it to my phone, my phone tells me it is fully charged). However, when I switch it off it discharges, even when powered down.

Is this a known issue? Is there a solution? Or should I just return it?

Kind of annoying when you buy it right before your holidays as you want to listen to your tunes…

Would be good to contact Soundcore Support at

Do have your proof of purchase available and handy.


Depends how long ago you charged them.

ALL RECHARGABLE PRODUCTS N DEVICES lose power over time. This is why companies say how long the standby is.

Generally speaking, most Anker stuff stays charged for 2 months, and start to losemoower in the third month. Some are longer but only by aonth or so.

Continually letting a device self discharge will cause it not to charge so well or last as long as originally stated.

There’s prob some technical reason and prob to do with the chemical make up of rechargable batteries.

Now while lithium batteries don’t have the memory problem carbide batteries did, they do lose stamina if continually charged nnself then charge over night to reset the battery.

Are you sure you are turning them off fully? And they are not going into stand by staying connected to your phone?

I am talking overnight/hours

That’s true, Soundcore often stay connected n on standby if you still have Bluetooth connection.

I am turning them off by pressing the middle button for a couple of seconds. The light flashes red and I hear some power off sound.

Reach out to the above email stating…

Place you bought them, along with either order number (if online, or a photo of your receipt if in-store)
The serial number … This can be found on the tag on the wire if the earphones.

Plus obvs, the problem you’re encountering.

Rosa should email backnina couple days… Bare in mind, it’s late Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, and they get weekends off, so won’t be back til Monday.

@mwbouwkamp It unfortunately sounds like a defective pair you have received, as suggested by @Shenoy reach out to support with your issue and any troubleshooting steps you have taken for assistance under your 18 month warranty


I got them for one week, so that should work out fine. I sent support an email. Thanks everyone!

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I started having the same problem last week. I had been using this pair with no issues since March then all of a sudden they were dead last week. I thought I just forgot to charge them, so I got him charged them (took forever but light turned blue) then put them away. When I went to use them the next day they were dead again. I charged them again, verified in my phone that the battery was at 100%, disconnected them and put down for a few hours. Turned them on a few hours later and they had dropped 20% or so by just being off. I’m going through the charging process now one more time to document the depletion rate and will reach out to support.

Are they still under warranty? If so, I’d let support know and hopefully they can send you another pair