Anker soundcore Spirit - Bass question

Hello everyone !

i just got my soundcore spirit earbuds, i am wondering if the sound coming from it is ok, i expected bass but these have no or very weak bass, i have tested this on my laptop playing games and playing music on youtube and spotify.

to make sure it was not my laptop i also tested it on my iphone 7.

am i doing something wrong or is this working as intended ?

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It depends much on the kind of music you’re listening to.
If your music is very bassy you might be missing the bass.

Have you ever tried to adjust the sound via an usable equalizer?
Not such as simple ones “more basses” “more height” etc?
Please use a good one with 10 adjustable frequencies.
May be you will get a result you may like.

(When using my speakers or earbuds I would be NEVER satisfied when running without an equalizer) :worried:


i could try to use a equalizer with my laptop, but i expect it to be plug n play with my iphone. there is literally no bass on iphone which surprises me.

I have on OLD ipod, there is quite usable equalizer at the music settings as far I remember.

If you have a a tablet with ANDROID you can use “jetaudio” as application for music. The application is free an the equalizer has 10 adjustable frequencies.
Using this, you might find out if the bass of the earbuds is sufficient for you.

do you own these earbuds ?

I had those in the past.
But as usual my kids are “stealing” a lot. :heart_eyes:
But what I have told you is generally said:
Use an equalizer.

did you notice an absence of bass back then ? the high and middle tones are okay, but low tones/bass sound very flat.

anyway i will try when i get home. still i think this is not working as intended.

If you dont get a good seal using the different eartips pr earwings then you wont notice much if any bass. Try reseating them in your ear using different eartips pr earwings and see if you notice the difference

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I own these.

When I first used it was stream g via Google. So almost neutral eq setting, but as I was listening to EDM, the bass was ok/good.

THEN, I reinstalled my old music app (power amp … A paid for app. You can dl a taster app and try before you buy)

Once I started using the eq settings in poweramp, the bass didn’t so much come alive, as ripped my ears out! lol I found I couldn’t use the preset extreme bass eq, as it was just too much for my ears AND the headphones (the bass was just too extreme for a clear sound).

Whatever audio set to be you have set on your source device, that’s what’s repeated through your headphones (±).

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