Anker soundcore speaker - bluetooth skipping


Love the sound from my new anker soundcore! Buuut, when I pair it with my phone (android, OnePlus2) the speaker often skips, blips in and out and I have no idea why. Any ideas? (My phone is right next to the speaker and it still does it.) :frowning:

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Hi @kitkat , have you tried forgetting and pairing your phone again? If this fails to resolve do you have access to another BT device to rule out a compatibility issue with the phone / version of Android OS?

Should either of these fail to help you would be best contacting with your troubleshooting steps taken, SoundCore serial and purchase date for further assistance.

I would test the soundcore with another phone and see if the soundcore behave similarly.

There are some reports of bluetooth issues with the oneplus 2

You could also try connecting the headphone jack to the aux port on the speaker if it has one.


I, too, love the Soundcore!

I have what sounds like the same problem and I’ve just contacted Support to find out what to do. I listen to Classical music on my speaker, and it seems to happen when the music is quiet. I wonder if the speaker “blips out” when it can’t detect music, and blips back in when it can?

I’m using a Lumia 950, a Windows Tablet and a Windows Laptop - same problem with all three, and no problem with my other Bluetooth speaker setups around the house and car.

I will post further when I hear from the Support people.

Hello again!

The support people simply sent me a new speaker. Alas, the problem remains - the new speaker shows the same symptoms.

Seems I am having similar issue with speakerphone. I do not see the B.T. signal dropping, only the sound. Need to understand if this can be fixed or I am going to have to return. I spend too much of my day on conference calls via Teams or Zoom to not have a reliable conference speaker

Delete the speaker from the bt list of that phone and do a new pairing.
Does the speaker pair via bt with another device?