Anker Soundcore Pro+ Bluetooth

Hello, do anyone has problems with the bluetooth range of Anker Soundcore Pro+ ?
Mine seem to disconnect from very close distances like 5 meters, or if I move the phone.
I have searched the internet and found this kind of comments:


Have you tried to connect the speaker to another phone or tablet?
Same problems?
Have you tried to delete the bt list on your phone and connect the speaker again?
You should give that a try.

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Unfortunately, Bluetooth and WiFi (and some other things like microwaves and cordless phones) use the same 2.4GHz band which can greatly affect Bluetooth’s range. If your phone or laptop is doing something WiFi-intensive (such as streaming a YouTube video), the WiFi chip on your device can interfere with its own Bluetooth signal.

You could do some testing like listening to the speaker outside (away from WiFi) or putting your phone in Airplane Mode and enabling Bluetooth only to see if you can pinpoint the source of the interference.

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Too many things around meanwhile. even in my small pensioner’s office.
DAB+, WIFI, Bluetooth and me
( I am sure I am emitting some evil waves :rofl: )

Yes, I have tried another phone. It does the same.

I have one Wi-Fi router in the same house. I do not have problems with other bluetooth devices but maybe this use the same band.

I will try outside.

This can have as much to do with the other connected device (ie what version of bluetooth the other device has).

Mmm that’s a weird issue