Anker SoundCore on Unbox Therapy

Looks like the original SoundCore might find some new fans thanks to Unbox Therapy…21k views in 20 minutes :open_mouth: that’s quite some advertising :heart_eyes:


Nice. I’m really glad to see anker getting some of this light lately!

That’ll be half a million views in no time!

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I just saw that too! Was about to watch something, checked my subscriptions and all I see is a huge Anker logo. About to get some HUGE exposure on it, as he averages 1m-2.5m views per video on average.


Wow, that is awesome advertisement for Anker. :slight_smile:

This should boost their sales :+1:

Is this the best product to showcase the Anker brand?

@Ankerofficial can you share the details on how this came about? Did you reach out to him or did his team reach out to you?

Do you have to pay him to review? Did you give him a choice of products to review? Very interesting would love some behind the scenes!

A lot of YouTubers see what Amazon calls it’s best selling product and they decide to do a review in it. When it’s from a known company the YouTuber often gets crazy hits and views… This leads to income for them so it’s always in their own best interest to always be looking.
Unbox theraoy, recently did a video for the best selling cheap earbuds which I can attest amazing cites it’s the best selling one.

But I also know Unbox therapy is an influencer for Anker, so they may have reached out to him…


I love his videos and always love seeing Anker make it on big YouTube channels. They deserve the love

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The whole point of this series on Unbox Therapy is to discover what is the best selling product on Amazon in various categories, why it’s the number one best seller in that category and whether it’s worth it or not.

The original Anker SoundCore is the number one best selling speaker on Amazon hence why it is the product featured.

As far as I’m aware these videos are made without any influence from the company’s featured and I don’t think Anker would of paid him to make the video about it as any YouTuber that is paid to review a product on there has to be very clear to the viewers about incentivised videos by saying “this video is sponsored by Anker” for instance.

I believe that failing to do so can result in that channel being demonetised by YouTube. (I think)


Yeh I saw this yesterday when I was scrolling through my YouTube recommendations and watched the whole video… pretty cool tbh.:heart_eyes:

Unbox Therapy is one of my favorite Tech reviewers. He’s come a long way :wink:


Same here​:+1::+1::grin:

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1.2 million views in just 3 days! That’s massive exposure for Anker, especially those that might not of heard of them before that video.

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I was happy to finally see an Anker product cross the Unbox Therapy table. I know there’s a ton of competition within the tech world, but it feels like it was overdue. :tada:

At one point the video was number 9 on trending!

Then you are late to the party my friend as Anker has been featured on unbox therapy a number of times back in 2016

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:exclamation: Admittedly, I’ve only started watching in the last year and there are a lot of videos on the channel. I should search them up, though!

Never seen him before. I’ll have to check it out!