Anker SoundCore Nano (Review)

The SoundCore Nano is currently the smallest and lowest priced speaker in Anker’s SoundCore range. They say good things come in small packages and the Nano does try to live up to that statement.

In the box
SoundCore Nano Speaker
Micro USB Charging Cable
Micro USB to Aux Cable
Wrist Strap
User Manual and warranty card

The Nano’s shell is crafted from a single piece of aluminium-alloy, which gives it a premium and robust feel in the hand while still maintaining a light and small footprint, as per its name. Coming in five different colours of space grey, rose gold, gold, black and silver you could be forgiven for thinking this was an unlaunched Apple speaker but it isn’t. Measuring 54mm x 54mm x 28mm, about the size of a jewelry ring box, it will easily fit in a pocket, backpack or purse allowing you to enjoy your music on the go. The underside of the speaker is non-slip rubber, in which the button is also contained. Pairing, play/pause, skip forward track and answer/reject call can be completed via this button.

Containing just a single 3w speaker, don’t expect the audio output to rival its bigger brothers. Despite this though, the Nano produces decent sound, being more than capable of giving an audio boost to the average smartphone or 7” tablet for example. Testing with several audio genres such as rock, pop and electronic gave better than expected results, with clear vocals and instrumentals but it does highlight the low amount of bass that the speaker has. Even at a 10-15ft radius at around 75-100% volume, audio still remained clear and at a listenable volume despite moderate background noise. If you’re after audiophile quality, this is not the speaker for you but it works well for small group use and even playing of audio books.

Coming part charged at around 40%, I found I was able to get on average around 3 ½ to 4 hours out of the 400mAh internal battery on a single charge, depending on volume level and audio content played such as aac or lossless. The average recharge time is around 90 min. This is something to take into account if you’re after a speaker that can make it through the average work day without having to recharge or if you have limited access for recharging.
Rounding out, the speaker features Bluetooth 4.0 allowing quick and easy pairing to devices, also included is an internal microphone allowing the speaker to be used as a hands free device such as for conference calling with a small group.

Sleek design and robust construction
Small Form Factor
Good Audio
Microphone for conference calls

On The Fence
Battery Life

Low Bass

Verdict 4/5
With a sleek look and robust build this speaker is good for those who need audio on the move, where lightness and convenience outweigh the need for bass driven audio. Ideal for use in small groups for audio playback, conference call solution with your mobile/tablet or for listening to audio books.

If longer battery life, improved sound drivers and bass are required you would be best looking to Anker’s SoundCore Mini, which on average is just less than double the price of this unit but comes with a 5w speaker inc passive subwoofer, microSD support, FM radio and a 15 hour average playtime.


Fantastic review fella. Can’t believe how small it really is. You won’t get many of them £2 coins on top of that. Seriously compact.

So for less than double price you get almost 5 times the playback time :grinning: if you opt for the SoundCore Mini instead :thumbsup:

Cheers fella. Been playing catchup this weekend with Amazon reviews and I noticed that I hadn’t reviewed any of my ‘older’ SoundCores, so I’ve got a SoundCore XL and Mini that will be following…

Hoped to have some video footage up of the audio playback at close and longer range but alas my usual camera is on loan to a friend. Perhaps by the weekend…

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Nice write up as always, @ndalby. This is my favorite Bluetooth speaker for listening to podcasts because of the clarity!

:thumbsup: on the review. I still don’t own an Anker speaker, yet. But I’ve always wondered how much you could get out of that little fella. I particularly like the size of that thing. So for a first Anker speaker, you’d suggest the SoundCore Mini instead?

Great review. I have two of them and I think the sound quality isn’t that great. Its better than many on the market. I use when I’m in the work shop. But I mostly my 2 speaker system now.

@TechnicallyWell @Nhi @Element321 Cheers. One of these days I will try to go all out on a video review but the Yorkshire accent doesn’t always cut it :smile:

@Nhi As for suggestions for a first speaker, really depends what you are wanting to get out of it, battery life, audio quality etc. @TechnicallyWell did a good video comparison between the Mini and Nano showing off the audio here…personally I would spurge the extra £7 or $9 on the mini, if a larger size is not a factor.


Pretty awesome, mine is on its way!

Hey, I know that guy! :laughing: Thanks for the shout out!

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Just by the look itself, I think I like the Mini. And a bonus if it has better audio. I’m in it for the sound quality and not the ability to clip it to my backpack or whatnot. Although, the Nano would hang better on my chihuahua’s collar while he’s listening to Who Let the Dogs Out. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I currently have a I home speaker I won off a contest that Camel was running over the summer…I know such shame, but it worked great for my podcast but it was never loud enough. From the sounds of this and you also mentioned for podcast I should pick one of these up as it offers greater clarity and volume is rather decent.
Awesome review

Awesome review. Thanks.

Awesome job on the review! Thanks for sharing…well done!

Great review. The aluminium body looks beautiful !

@xiixcg @SZak2015 @Antoine_Turpin Thanks for the positive feedback! Hope to have the Sport XL up by tomorrow…

You are receiving a lot of stuff these days :wink:

Had these a while (some from the giveaway last Christmas) but hadn’t got around to writing a review yet, catching up on my Amazon reviews this weekend has given me a kick up the butt…

Very nice review @ndalby, I’ve not tried the SoundCore Nano yet, but I’ve got a SoundCore Mini which I use daily connected to my home computer via bluetooth :slight_smile:

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:laughing: Now there’s a thought…

Cheers, also got the Mini but it has been neglected as of late, mostly likely the next one to be ‘gifted’…

So many speakers and only limited time to them…