Anker SoundCore nano (English)

This beautiful ultra-compact wireless speaker, ANKER’s nano SoundCore, comes in a blue and white cardboard box, the upper part of which is illustrated with the logo of the large brand.


1 x SoundCore Nano Speaker
1 x User Manual (English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian)
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x Minijack 3.5mm Cable
1 x Wrist Strap (to hang it where we want)
1 x Warranty card

Range: 10m / 33ft
Bluetooth: CSR 4.0 (Bluetooth® Smart)
Input: 5v/0.5A
Output Channel: 1
Audio Output: 3W
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Size: 54x54x33 mm
Weight :82g/2.9oz


The Soundcore Nano is made entirely of metal save for a non-slip and anti vibration rubber on the bottom, to keep it from moving anywhere.

Minimalist appearance: PREMIUM design with different colors (Silver, Gold, Gray and Pink), the top of the speaker has tiny speaker holes and the Anker logo placed along the bottom of it.

At the very top of the of the speaker you’ll find a micro USB input and a small LED light. It’s also ideal if you’re looking to bring this with you while you’re out and about.

On the left side it has a small hole for the included wrist loop. Oddly enough that’s also where the microphone is located. It fits completely in your hand.


To charge our speaker, you will find in the upper part, a microUSB female port, which has dual use:

  • Charge the battery: using the microUSB cable provided by the manufacturer
  • Connection with the cable (AUX mode): using the microUSB adapter to miniJack, if we do not want to connect the bluetooth. So you save battery.


  • Excellent rechargeable battery (400mAh lithium polymer), a minimum capacity for an ultraportable device.
  • It needs 1-2h to fully charge.
  • It has an autonomy of 4 continuous hours of music.
  • An LED warns you of the state of the load, it turns off when it has already been completed. Red when charging and Blue when fully charged.
  • Uses any standard USB cable to charge it.
  • Auto-sleep. If you stop the sound playback on your bluetooth source, the blue LED on the speaker will turn off after about a minute. 10 minutes later with no activity, it turns itself off. However there is a very loud alert when this happens which is quite annoying and wish wasn’t present.

Note: In iOS you will see the speaker’s charge level right next to the bluetooth icon (top right).


It supports Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 which offers faster, more reliable connection and is way more power-efficient. Pairs easily (IOS and Android devices).

Anker claims a range of 30 feet, which is pretty much what is to be expected from most Bluetooth speakers. It kept a decent enough connection that you won’t have any issues as long as you stay within the 30 foot range. We were even able to push it to about 35 or 40 feet with no bluetooth connectivity issues.

When activated, the speaker automatically connects to the last device with which it was paired. If you can not find it, enter pairing mode. You must activate the Bluetooth on your device, bring it closer to less than 90cm, and link it with the device that appears with the name “SoundCore Nano”.

To connect to another device, turn off the bluetooth on the connected device and re-pair on the new one.


Red blinking: low battery
Fixed red: Loading
Blue: Matched
No illumination: Full charge / Off


There is only one button, the on/off button, on the lower part of the sticker. And it has the following features:

Turn on and turn off:

  • On: Press more than 1 second.
  • Off: Long press of more than 3 seconds.


  • Play / Pause: Press.
  • Advance: Press twice.

Receive call:

  • Answer: Press.
  • Finish: If you are talking, press more than 1 second.
  • Reject call: Press for more than 1 second

One interesting feature to note here is that there’s only a single multifunction button on the bottom of the speaker.

No Volume Controls: The advantages of being a passive speaker is that you have all the centralized control on your smartphone or device.

The Nano is as portable device:

Decently loud: Maxed out at about 115 dB so even though it’s small, it packs a punch.

Lows: Like any small device , don’t expect much in terms of bass. Sounds under about 80Hz just aren’t present.

Mids: The strong point of the Nano.

Highs: Pretty mediocre in high frequencies.


  • Comes with built-in noise-cancelling microphone for “crystal clear calls”
  • Auto-sleep, Great for saving battery life.
  • The sound. Loud and clear.
  • Warranty, 18 months.
  • Minimalist,clean sharp finish with beautiful metal aluminum.
  • Portable.
  • Battery (400mAh)
  • Welcome messages…interesting
  • Pairing.
  • Comes with an audio cable which can plug into an external sound source (like a portable MP3 player). It plugs into the charging socket (micro USB).
  • Comes with a strap which you optionally attach to wear around your wrist or to be hung.


  • Lows, High frequencies.

----Conclusions ----------------------------------------
It’s tiny. Fits-in-your-pocket-easily tiny. But it produces audio that sounds loud and clear.It’s not going to give you room-filling, audiophile-grade sound, but given it’s cheap price, the Anker’s SoundCore Nano is a total “convenience purchase.” Pick this speaker up and you might be surprised how many edge cases you can solve with it.

It’s absolutely perfect to throw in a bag to travel with or to give to kids.


Awesome review. Very comprehensive and detailed. Well done :slight_smile:


Excellent review :thumbsup: Certainly has good loudness for such a small speaker :slight_smile:


Very detailed review! Thanks for posting, @dcubasoy! I love the size of this speaker myself and find it great for listening to podcasts.


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Gold, Gray, Pink, Silver or Black

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