Anker Soundcore Motion Q speaker review

The Soundcore Motion Q is one of Anker’s newest offerings under the new Soundcore brand.

The Motion Q is one of the most powerful Soundcore speakers available, boasting two 1.75” drivers, each producing 8 watts (16 watts total) of power plus two passive radiators arranged to produce 360 degrees of high quality audio.

Using a technology called BassUp, the Motion Q is able to analyze the incoming audio signal and enhance the bass in real-time, producing much richer and fuller sound with more bottom-end/bass.

The Motion Q came packaged well with Anker’s typical blue/white/black color scheme which protects the device as well as looking great. Included in the packaging is a multi-language User’s Manual as well as Anker’s Happy/Not Happy support card. Anker’s 18-month warranty is also present, as with most of their products.

The Motion Q supports Bluetooth Version 4.2 and supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP profile, and SBC decoding with a connectivity range of 20m / 66ft.

Also included (as with most Bluetooth speakers) in case you’d like to forego using Bluetooth or use it with a device that does not support Bluetooth is an AUX input jack.

The built-in, internal 2600 mAh rechargeable battery supports a playtime of 10 hours (using 60% volume) with a recharge time of the internal battery being 3.5 hours. Charging is accomplished via microUSB (the cable is included) and should recharge in the specified time if a 1A charger is used.

Waterproofing is IPX7 rated which means that the Motion Q and it’s internal components are protected when the speaker is submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes the Motion Q ideal for outdoor use like near the pool or where is may get splashed or possibly fall into the water…you can rest assured it will be fully protected. Both the Aux audio input jack as well as the microUSB charging port are protected by water/moisture by a rubber flap which is pressed firmly into it’s recess to seal.

A microphone is also built-in in case you’d like to use the Motion Q as a speaker phone with your mobile device.

The Motion Q (as with the other speakers in the new Soundcore line) supports pairing of two separate speakers to a single device to support true stereo sound with one paired speaker producing the right audio channel while the other paired speaker produces the left audio channel.

Bluetooth pairing was straightforward with no issues whatsoever with whatever device I paired the speaker with. I noticed no drops in audio and the connectivity range seemed to be on-par with the 66 ft specs.

All operations buttons are located on the top of the Motion Q’s housing. The buttons all performed well with a nice solid click to each. The buttons include Power On/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Play/multi-function and Volume + and Volume -.

The unit also includes a removable hand strap with a dedicated mounting hole for this specific purpose.

Testing the Motion Q was a treat and the sound it produced was outstanding. I compared the sound to my old standby Soundcore Sport. While I was happy with the sound that the Sport produced, the Motion Q made it sound thin and weak. Of course this is to be expected since the Sport has a single 3 watt driver/passive radiator configuration and the Motion Q has two drivers & two passive radiators producing 16 watts total power. In short, no comparison. Cranking the volume up on the Motion Q produced nice clear sound with some fairly decent bottom-end for a speaker of this size. The BassUp technology seemed to work well and produce it’s advertised results. I noticed little to no distortion even when playing at full volume…the amount of sound this little speaker produces is pretty amazing.

I did no water nor splash tests despite the speaker carrying an IPX7 rating…I really don’t think electronics and water should be mixed, period and keep them well away from each other for my own peace of mind. If you feel like splashing or submerging your Motion Q, I’m sure it will survive just fine.

I was unable to test the stereo Bluetooth pairing since I only have one Motion Q…unless something happens to change that.

Overall, the Motion Q is an outstanding Bluetooth speaker value. Compared to a speaker such as the Soundcore Sport, the Motion Q has tons more audio output power and sounds so much better that it would seem to cost much more than the Sport…but in reality, the Motion Q is only $10 more than the Sport (current (5/22/2018) prices).

In my testing, I found no drawbacks (or cons) to this speaker. It’s sound and build quality exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone in the market for a similarly-sized Bluetooth speaker.


Nice review and pics. I really like Soundcores new line of speakers and headphones. I’m curious how the Motion Q stacks up to the Flare.


Great review & pictures @SZak2015 I like the look of this speaker, so much choice with SoundCores now :grin:

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Love the photos :slight_smile: Excellent review.

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Great review, I love how it has the built in port for the handstrap and it’s not just some tiny little port that you have to carefully string it through


Do you have a special setup for the pictures?

If you want to call an iPhone 5s and the top of a white dresser next to a bright window special, then yes, I do! :grin:


:sunglasses::sunglasses::clap: Very good review. Keep it up!

Kinda like the strap the sport XL but better

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Great looking speaker! Thanks for the write up!

The sound was so loud that I was really surprised. . .:joy:

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Nice review and I want one! :grin:

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Very thorough review! Thank you for sharing!

Nice review. Think one of these would be great for the garden