Anker Soundcore Motion Q or Soundcore Motion B. Which one would you recommend?

Hey guys, I am buying an Anker/Soundcore product for the first time. I was decided by a Motion Q or Motion B. What would you consider the best when it comes to sound and specifications? What is your favorite?

  • Motion Q

  • Motion B

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I like the motion Q, small portable and has great bass response. Its also waterproof down to 3 ft for 30 minutes

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What is your mainly using scenario? Outdoor or at home?

If you have solely decided on these two models I would lean towards the Motion Q myself, based on the the form factor and audio distribution which echo the SoundCore Flare (which is an excellent speaker too)…

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At home and outdoors only on the weekends.

I love the Motion Q with the 16W it has and it is also a 360° Speaker :kissing_heart::heart_eyes:

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Clean sweep for the Q.

If your gonna be outdoors then its a no brainer, as i suggested above The Motion Q wins hands down