Anker Soundcore Motion+ Power Button faulty?

So basically purchased this from aliexpress day 1 here and got this issue…What is this really?The thing is i have to press power button multiple times to turn on the speaker sometimes especially if it has not been turned on in 4-5 hour i guess?After frequent on it seems to work fine for a while…But still turning it off?Dont even ask me how much of a hell that is due to 2 sec time frame i have to press and hold power button multiple times at least 3 times before it turns off is the button faulty or am i suppose to press it harder?Anyone has any bright ideas?Knowing aliexpress they will ask me to pay return shipping for a replacement…and its better i purchase a brand new item for 80$ then pay 60-50$ for its shipping.If anyone has any bright ideas as whats the reason or why its doing it ( I owned soundcore boost in the past worked perfectly its power button was miles better) So is it just how this speaker is?or my power button is officially faulted?Which means i am stuck with a faulty piece because i am not paying shipping there is no way.returning it back to china is a big no.

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You don’t press and hold to turn on. You just press to turn on.

When you press and hold you’re turn it on / off / on / off…

Try it…

Press and hold is to turn off only.

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Do they even offer a warranty? Hope the issue can be fixed

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According to them 18 month warranty but its global we both know they wont honor it because shipping is gonna cost me too much there is really no way i am paying even 30$ for shipping lol when i can purchase a new speaker for like 80$ on sale…Yeah its faulty i have to press it with finger nail at certain point works everytime but pressing normally does not work always give the issues etc + i have to press it like hard really hard…

I made a video where constant press did not turn it on but i dont think they will honor warranty thats why i am not gonna purchase anymore anker product internationally…local products never gave this issue this was not available locally and i heard it had amazing audio and yes it has way better audio then soundcore boost glad i switched.But this issue is deal breaker if u cant turn it on and off for real how can u even use it?touch screen speakers are amazing…at this point i think they should have used touch screen function would have paid 20$ extra for it would have been miles better then what i actually got and the good thing is a 20$ speaker has better power button then this 100$ speaker ( Actual price without discount ) Really i am quite surprised if thats how it is or maybe mine is faulty.

As far as i know at maximum they will or aliexpress gonna offer me 20$ refund maybe which is really useless as this is kinda deal breaker for me i waited for it for a whole month and then this happens…just amazing.

Honestly at this rate i am 80% sure its hardware issue.Because it cant be this hard to power something on + even hard press sometimes does nothing so 2-4 hard press for start up and 2-5 long hard press for turning it off?Thats a deal breaker a real deal breaker because power button is what i am gonna use alot in this speaker and volume up and down button and the power is button faulty pretty certain…firmware is updated just checked via soundcore app but i dont like the app cause not available on pc so and i dont like mobile which kinda means i just cant use the app alot i just deleted it i dont like to keep my mobile clogged with apps mobile is for emergency purposes it has confidential data and stuff.

Oh dont wanna add but i told the aliexpress anker retailer or whatever they are really to check the item before u ship it and bubble wrap it and guess what they did not do both Yeah i expected that.But i dont think its damaged in shipping box and the speaker both are quite intact and its very rare for something to get damaged during shipping lol that like very rarly happens.Before anker tell me to claim warranty there is no service center in my country of anker and distributers are quite crappy unless u directly purchase from them they usually dont bother.If anyone has some suggestion though u can give me but i really doubt anything is gonna help me at this point except a 20$ refund maybe which is futile might aswell not get it if aliexpress offers that as it ruined the experience for me because turning it on and off like this its pure hell especially on daily basis its not feasible solution for long term usage probably could use it for few months i guess or power button might die sometime later if its really faulty which i am pretty sure it is.Although i can take a partial refund and sell this speaker and purchase new one but thats too much of a hassle now.I feel like they just really made the power button very poorly maybe sony or jbl flip might have been better but i have not used alot of speakers and according to reviews it was the best one for 100$ i agree its really good but the power button what a big deal breaker…Wow it just started taking 8-9 presses now i am legit pissed not gonna lie.Unless forcefully pressed at a specific point via nail it takes 8-9 presses amazing job at it anker whoever designed this poor power button honestly u should fire him what a deal breaker for an amazing speaker.For just saving 5 or 10 bucks cant believe someone would ruin a 100$ item.