ANKER SoundCore Motion+ Counterfeits/fake

Hello everybody. I have an interesting topic about the fake/counterfeit ANKER speakers. I ordered my SoundCore Motion+ over, sold under ANKER Direct. Before i ordered, my colleague got one also. His box of the speaker looked legit, while mine didn’t! :pensive:. The barcode on the bottom of his box looked really bold tight and well made. While on mine box, there is some kinda label, let’s say resticked over something i don’t know. Then the barcode on the box is not even similiar to the one which is at the bottom of a speaker. One more important thing, i got the speaker with no USB-C cable at all. Did something like this happened to anybody? Did i got the fake one or this is pure unluck? Please share what you think, so we all will be more experienced at spoting the fakes and even help other people so they don’t get one.

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If it was sold by AnkerDirect that is the main anker account on amazon. So your product should not be fake. Do you have any pictures of the box?

Did you happen to buy a refurbished one for cheaper?

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That should be reported through Amazon directly and send link to

So they can take down the fake seller.

Don’t post the link here we don’t want inadvertently to send someone to the fake seller.


Did you return it or get your money back?

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