Anker Soundcore Motion+ 2.0?

Hi Ankermans

Do you have any plans to release an updated version of the Motion+ anytime soon? Wanna see it in a less fingerprint case. Will be nice to have it in the JBL-like style to last longer and look nice after a long period of usage. The current black plastic case has a visible fingerprints.

Thank you

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Hey @anton.danilchenko,

Thanks for asking.
We haven’t heard any update from Soundcore team regarding the Motion+ :thinking:

Let me forward this suggestion to them :wink: and will let you know if I get anything back

Thank you. Will be nice to have it even better.

Any updates so far about future of Motion+?

Sorry still haven’t heard any updates about it

Any news about motion+ or motionboom 2.0?

Helllo, here is how to make soundcore motion+ 2 new bestseller

  1. No changes in desgin or sound power\quality
  2. Ability to turn off startup(off) sound
  3. APTX LL Bluetooth codec
  4. Ability to make Stereopiar with AUX cable between two speakers (main is connected via bluetooth + secondary connected via AUX to main speaker)
  5. Remove noise at high volume when speaker is not playing music

also more playing time would be great but this is not important