Anker Soundcore mini Windows 10 re-connect issues

Looking for a cheap, but good bluetooth speaker that doesn’t auto shut off and un-pair when music or sound isn’t played to it… Currently using an Anker Soundcore mini at work, and the sound is awesome, and it’s extremely portable for my 2-in-1… BUT, since the latest Windows 10 1803 update (on both my Dell Precision Laptop, and my Lenovo Miix 700), I have to turn it off, turn it back on, disconnect the speaker in the bluetooth settings, then re-connect it to get it to re-pair… I used to just reconnect it by turning it off and on and it would re-pair automatically… The ‘new’ process is getting VERY old - FAST. Thanks in advance.

Hi @paulradetsky,

This may be a compatibility issue. You could try to restore the computer system version to before. Then the problem maybe solved.

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You are correct, it is a compatibility issue. I am experiencing a similar issue with my Soundbuds Curve Wireless. When audio is paused for about a minute, I have to restart my headphone. I recently updated to Windows 10 1803.
And your suggestion is to rollback my Windows version?
Can’t there be a firmware update?
Or is the newer version of the headphone more compatible?

We suggest you can try the Soundcore Mini 2. It will NOT power off when power cable plugged in.

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Really…? That’s a ridiculous answer. How about updating your product? Maybe a new driver…!?! There are A TON of Bluetooth speakers on the market, I think I’ll just try another brand…

Everyone is entitled to the own opinion on the matter, but if it worked before an update and not after then it would seem the update is the problem not the speaker.

In fact, you can do a search and a lot of people are having issues with the latest Microsoft update, the solution many have found had been to get a new driver for their bluetooth card from the manufacturer of said card and do not rely on the windows generic driver


Microsaft (sic). :joy:

If I would start to tell you about LINUX and bluetooth you would recognize what a kind of troubles I was fighting against.

But as I see that such issues can happen with Windoofs ( sic) as well,
I am a little bit gleeful. :grin:

Please forgive me!

Of course you are right about the updates.
Often an update is not an “update” it’s a “setback”

So, I ended up giving up on the SoundCore Mini because of the non-fixable connection issues.

Under Windows 10 the SoundCore Mini does not re-pair automatically after turning itself off after 5-minutes of inactivity. You have to in this order: Turn off speaker and turn on, Then go into Windows 10 Bluetooth settings and disconnect and re-connect the speaker twice in order for it to re-pair and work properly. If you disconnect and re-connect once, the speaker connects, but it sounds like distorted with static.

The speaker also does not work with either of my laptops keyboard volume up & down buttons, which is really inconvenient, but does work with the Windows volume control slider and with browser volume controls.

I have switched to the AUKEY Mini Bluetooth Speaker (AUKEY SK-M31) and it works absolutely perfectly with no bluetooth connection issues and it works with my keyboard volume controls. It is almost exactly the same sound quality, but it’s a bit louder than the SoundCore. I was able to get one off Amazon for $12.74 during a sale. I highly recommend it.


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