Anker soundcore mini speaker is not working

Please can you suggest me how to power it on , it delivered yesterday and no response from the speaker n no light is blowing , when I put for charging it’s showing charging indication . When I trying to power it on it’s not getting can anyone help me , I purchased it through ,is it possible to exchange it

On the bottom of the speaker is a power symbol, press that until you hear it power on. And then you should be able to pair it to whatever device you choose


Hi @Saipohar, if you still cannot get the speaker to work, feel free to reach out to with your order number and the serial number on the speaker. Thanks!

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Maybe the device arrive with an empty Battery. Have you tried charging it first?

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Whenever I put for charging its getting charge (light is getting on) but the device not getting on the light below the volume controller is not getting on

yes Thankyou for your suggestion, I have just mailed to hope will have some solution for that

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How long did you let it charge before you tried turning it on?

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It’s took around 2+ hours for charging then light turned off

i have exactly the same issue. i got a new soundcore mini. white light turns on when charging but the speaker itself is not working. no light (under the volume buttons). i was wondering if you got response from anker and/or did the issue got resolved. @Saipohar @technicalywell
ps. i know i am two years late lol