Anker Soundcore Mini SD card info

I’m thinking about buying a Soundcore Mini only for use with SD card. I’m wondering what type of SD card I should be using.? Also does it have an aux out port to go to another speaker? I have ordered a SanDisk Micro SD 32GB SDHC. Will this work? Is there another speaker that is better for for cheap that plays SD cards? I have a speaker I got at a convention that was free. It’s called a CPP-4303. It won’t work with a 128GB micro SD card, which is why I ordered the 32GB one. Will this work? If so I won’t order Soundcore Mini. What is the best version of Soundcore mini with SD card input slot? What format should I use for the music (etc. mp3, wav, flac)?
Yur boi Frederico

My soundcore mini workes great with a 32GB micro SD, and even a 64, but I’m not sure about a 128. Sadly the 3.5 aux is not an output, only an input. As far is if there is anything better that takes an SD, I can’t think of anything better for the price, I recently saw one for only $15.

I suppose these will work only with card <= 32GB. (FAT32)
(This format allows files < 4GB, but when storing music this is not important)

@FrederickJefferson I’ve mainly used 32-64GB class 10 cards (SanDisk / Samsung etc), as mentioned already support for 128GB is not the best, you may fall lucky where one will read but I would stick to a lower card size.

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Thanks guys for all the info.