Anker SoundCore mini - SD Card Default?


I just purchased the Anker SoundCore mini - and it’s very impressive.

I wanted this exact device to have as a simple small player for my elderly father. I have saved all his favourite CDs onto an SD card. However, I can’t find a way to have the speaker automatically default to the SD Card to play once the speaker is turned On.

It seems the only way so far is to remove and the insert the SD Card and then it plays fine (even if the default sound is also too loud).

Are there any hints as to how to make the speaker default to the inserted SD Card?

Otherwise, the speaker is amazing quality and features.


Reinserting the SD card may just be the only way to play music from it. I don’t have the speaker so hopefully there is an easier way to access the music in the SD 5

@mark211 BT will remain the default playback mode, you would either need to use the mode button to select SD playback or remove/insert the SD card to change the mode.

Thanks - it would be great if a firmware update (product suggestion) could be added to change default playback mode. (plus a way to change the default playback sound volume - the hints from other posts didn’t work for me).