Anker soundcore mini non-functional on day 2

I am a first time buyer of Anker. Got the Soundcore Mini couple of days ago. On day 1, noticed that radio could only tune to one station (even though I changed locations and had the cable antenna attached). I live in a big city and radio reception is excellent in my residence and my office. On day 2, the entire unit basically won’t turn on (the battery is fully charged). No lights come on, except when I plug it in, a steady light comes on. I charged it for few more hours and nothing changed. Disappointing first-experience with Anker. Also, it would be nice for the indicate to indicate what mode I am in and what FM station I am on (I knew about those cons before I bought the product so I am not listing that as a disfunction but merely as a product suggestion that perhaps you could incorporate)

@gnandanpai, sorry to hear your SoundCore Mini is not playing. Please reach out to with your order number and this issue description and they will be happy to arrange a no-cost warranty replacement if needed. Thanks!

Hi @gnandanpai , when the switch is set to the on position do you hear a start up tune (like a swoosh) and/or can your phone or another BT device see the mini listed when in search mode? It is always worth trying an additional cable and wall charger to ensure the unit is actually getting a full charge. If you still having issues after trying new cables, or if you have no sounds coming out at all, you would be best either returning to place of purchase for a replacement or sending an email to with your troubleshooting steps taken and serial no.

As for the mode and FM station, I blieve this has been mentioned quite a few times so hopefully this change will be put into one of the replacement SoundCore’s Anker are planning.