ANKER SoundCore MINI. Help with MicroSD

Hi, I have a problem with playing MicroSD cards. I have a 32GB card. She contains around 7,500 songs. but already on two occasions when trying to reproduce its content, the Sound Core Mini has started again the reproduction for the first song, when really I had already played more than 100 !!! If this happens every so often, I will never be able to listen to the more than 7,400 songs, because the speaker returns to the beginning unexpectedly! Can this be avoided in some way? The songs are in a single folder, all the songs numbered from “0000” to “7494”. Can someone help me?

Thank you.

PD: Sorry, translated into English with Google

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I don’t have such a speaker.
But may be the 32GB are too “big” for the built in system.

Or wrong class of memory card. Or wrong format of MP3.

That product’s SD music playing capability is very basic to the point of useless. I have the Mini.

I’d recommend just not. Put that SD card in something else and AUX or BT to the Mini. An old phone which takes SD for example.

Anker dropped the SD in the Mini 2.


No, the Mini is capable of supporting 128 GB MicroSD. Several buyers have verified it. But it is true, better not to exceed 32 GB. So 32 GB is not the problem.

No, it’s a card that works perfectly in other systems: MIXZA U1 Class 10 . And in the Mini it also works perfect …, until the problem happens … :cry:

Big mistake by Anker to drop the playback of SDMicro on the Mini 2.

Thank you very much everyone, any other idea?


In which context does this effect occur ? Do you put out / in the Micro Card ? Or ist it after charging ? Maybe in this way you can localize the source of the problem.

I would take a look at your files, if the speaker is suddenly going back to the beginning all of a sudden you may have a corrupt file that is preventing continued playback. Maybe have a careful listen to see when exactly it starts over and determine which track gets played last to help narrow down which file may be corrupt.


Context. Turn the Speaker off one day, and the next day when you turn it on and press MODE to activate the SDMicro card, start playback from the beginning … This happened the first time.

The second time occurred a few hours after switching it off (after the first time, that is, it happened almost twice in a row), and again put it back into operation.

So it did not happen after loading, or after removing the card, nothing. This has happened during normal use. I am a person who, when there is a problem, I try, as you say, to carry out checks to isolate the problem, but this time it was totally by chance, and in that way it is impossible to isolate the origin of the problem.

Right now, the speaker takes several days (from last Thursday, day 4 until today, Sunday, the 6th), that it works normally and the problem, for now, that has not happened again …

Simple chance of an isolated problem? Is there anyone that has happened the same?


Oh, I can assure you that the files are superbly copied to the SDMicro card. I have a copy verification program that detects copy errors, and my copied files are perfect.

In fact, the loudspeaker has already passed THREE times through the same files, since the problem occurred in two different places in the playlist … that is, in the first two times the problem occurred after switching off the speaker in two totally different songs …

Thank you!

Well, maybe this helps: (if you did not do it already)
Switch off the system. Pull out card. Clean contacts with Q Tip and spirit. Put back card.
Test it.

Just curious if the speaker’s battery could have reached 0% when the issue occurred, which could cause the speaker to “forget” its place on the Micro SD card?

So many ideas around.

I wish I would have the speaker and this “faulty” card to do some
investigations. :wink:

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No, the load was more than 50%. (Even if the speaker has no charge, you should not “forget” the position of the playback on the card).


Thanks, that was the first thing I did. But I do not think that was the cause of the problem.

Ahh. If I read your words correctly, you seem to be saying it doesn’t during playing skip to the 1st track, it happens only when you turn it off (or it turns itself off from non-use)?

If that is what you are saying, that is deliberate. It starts from the 1st track each time. There is no memory of last played. This is implicit as its not mentioned in the manual, so it is not a product fault, it is an expectation fault.

Oh, yes, of course the speaker has memory of the last song. It would be stupid that it was not so, why then 32 GB capacity in total about 8,000 songs at 128Kb? All these days the speaker has perfectly remembered the last song. I have bluetooth speakers of 6 Euros (6.5 Dollars) that perfectly remember the last song !!!

I have contacted the Anker help center and I am waiting for an answer from them.

Thank you.

Well if I read your diagnotistic correctly, then it is an expectation gap on your part where you assumed incorrectly.

If I am correct, then your option is to claim it is a product dissatisfaction and return for a credit, which I think it no questions asked in first 30 days, thereafter it is up to the discretion of Anker. Below is the best guess I have of your warranty, but it also says Anker will confirm the warranty situation. To get a fast response email with your receipt to prove its from an official supplier and offer serial number which I think is on the USB cable.